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December 27, 2002
First and foremost, Merry Christmas everyone!  Thanks for visiting, and thanks for being the reason for me to rebuild this stupid site.  :-)  Damn closing down and ruining a good thing, before I got off my lazy duff and decided to move the site to  Speaking of which, what the hell is with the super-annoying new pop-up?  Fuckers..."buy your webspace and never see the pop-up again!"  How 'bout this, I stop using your FUCKING FREE WEBSPACE and I'll never see the pop-up again, nor will I have to bother giving you my money.  Stay tuned, whenever I figure out what's the best next free server, I'm moving there.  Unless anyone wants to donate webspace for this site.  :-)

Anyways, if you're looking for the old updates, I've created a new archives section, hence the new button on the left there.  The Treadstone 71 page has been moved to "other" (for the sake of putting something in the "other" section) so fear not, one day I WILL finish my how-to's on how I created the beast that is my computer.

Again, anyways, hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday
season.  Drive safe, and if you're drinkin', please, don't drive at all.  I want
you all alive and safe, so you can continue reading this site and let me
believe that I'm not the only one who does so.  Cheers, Sean.