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October 13, 2002
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It's been a while since the last update but well, I've been busy doing stuff lately.  Also, I wanted to make sure I had a decent amount of information to add before I did another update.
Most recently I've applied for a whole whack of jobs, so we'll see what comes of that.  Also, two good buds of mine's birthdays are coming up so I want to plan ahead and figure out what I will get them.
  Well, a card seems standard, so obviously that will be involved.
I dunno, I'm just in a really good mood today...cleaned out some old junk from my room, and well, a lot of emotional baggage went with it.  I'd write a song 'bout it but it's already been done.  Ah well.  I can live vicariously through others.
Oh and if you haven't noticed, I've added some stuff to the right side of the page now.  Sorry if you're running 800 x 600 and can't see it, but scroll over and it's there.  Besides, isn't it time you ran a higher resolution anyways?
                   Have a great thanksgiving everyone, and talk to ya soon.  - Sean
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October 2, 2002
Ok, day 2 of the new Cracked Aquarium design.  I fixed some stupid little bugs I found, and added some stuff.  Oh, and I've decided the buttons to the left will be quick launch buttons for new stuff, so they will change as new things are added, and the things currently in them will be returned to the categories above.
Yay, there's a new link to in the links page, although Gord's new design kinda annoys me.  The excessive red makes it look like a cheesy geocities goth page, I don't care if its a halloween theme or not.
Oh, and older homepage updates will be moved below.  I wasn't sure if I was just going to move them down or get rid of them entirely.  Figured might as well keep them.
Oh and if anyone knows where the hell i can find DivX codecs version 3.1 or 4, please let me know.  5.0.2 isn't worth a damn.  I wanna watch Office Space!  Damn you codec demons!  DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.  Ok I think I'm done. 
             Oh, and
Greg is a gun toting looney.  I sorta want one now.  - Sean
October 1, 2002
Welcome!  This is the launch I've been waiting hella long for, the relaunch of Cracked Aquarium Online.  Back with a new design that doesn't entirely make me want to either puke or have a seizure.  Feel free to roam around...there are some new sections and old sections...all are in good fun, so have a sense of humour and enjoy.  - Sean
This made me laugh today.
This too actually.
                                      Whee...ok done, I'm going back to bed.
                     Not much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck.
October 6, 2002
The world is a shitty shitty place.  I'm horribly unamused with everything.  Perhaps I'm just in a bad mood, i dunno...or perhaps I'm just tired. 
I spent all weekend in Mississauga visiting friends, and sleeping on their couches.  Naturally I love my friends, but it's hard sleeping on a couch for two nights in a row.  Really I shouldn't complain...some people sleep on park benches because they have nothing better to sleep on.  I arrived home and tried to sleep, and for some strange reason I'm completely wired.  Ever have that moment where you try to sleep (because you know you're tired) and you close your eyes and they won't stay shut?
                                     Perhaps I'm just complaining too much.

That horseshoe of mine kicked into full gear the other day...and I hope it works again soon.  I need a double dose of courage to do something.  Anyways, at least I got around to updating this.  So yea, everyone have a great Monday tomorrow...beginning of the week means beginning of everything in some odd, philisophical way I don't quite understand.  Have a good one.  - Sean
I've got friends who back me up emotionally and physically, I've got my family, and I'm me...perhaps stuff isn't that bad afterall.  I don't know why I wrote such a negative post.

Please take a moment and check under your shirt.  If you are wearing blue spandex with a big red "S" on it (as above), YOU ARE SUPERMAN.  Please contact the Justice League, they are curious where the fuck you went.  Your share of the nachos are getting cold.

If you find a big white skull instead of an S, well, grab your guns...the druglords aren't going to assassinate themselves y'know.
Page dangerously full of biohazardous crap.
October 7, 2002
Feeling sorta better today...better mood at least.  I think I'll walk up to Dairy Queen and have a blizzard.  Haven't had one of those since the beginning of summer. cream.
Yep, back to good ol' me.
Oh, and you've probably already noticed, I've revamped the introduction page to the site...the platypus joke is getting a bit old, and well, I'm tired of it.  Of special note to everyone, I still think they're dangerous yet stupid cats.
So yea, have a great day everyone...I'll try and write some more stuff for the site soon.  Geez, come to think of it, I should really make some folders or something...ah screw it.  It would be way too much work to change all the links.  Stupid static link system.
                   Ah, I'm such a jerk sometimes...hope you're not at work.  :-)  - Sean
October 16, 2002
Once again, the independent movie industry proves that it is indeed possible to produce a movie worth paying good money for, and better than most big budget movies of its run-period.  I went with some friends to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding and was blown away at how good it was.  If you have time to get to the theatre, I highly recommend it.

I've revamped the movie reviews section.  Paragraphs have been replaced by three-second reviews.  I figure I can effectively summarize my findings in one line.  Who needs more than one?  Besides, do you really want to read an entire paragraph on why I liked or hated a movie?  You can always
email me for that sort of in-depth analysis...which basically means I will add a whole second line to the review.  Double the review, double the fun!  Besides, go see the movie, and it will allow you to judge for yourself!  Don't be an automaton, think for yourself, be your own person!  Blah blah blah!                                     SomethingAwful is funny today!

I love the Comedy Goldmine stuff...funny as hell.  Anyways, feel free to roam as always.  If I wasn't so horribly lazy, I'd add more to the site on a more regular basis...but hey, I have a life as do you!  Get out and get some sun!  Cold cold cold brrrrrrrrr...
                 At least my computer is idling at quite a low temperature.  :-)  - Sean